The season's grande finale

Between March 14 and March 18, 2018, the top athletes from the Audi FIS World Cup will gather in Åre, Sweden, to compete in the season finale. During five days of competitions queens and kings of the 2017/2018 season will be crowned in downhill, super G, giant slalom, alpine team event and slalom. All events during those five days will be performed in full scale in the Swedish Alpine National Arena where the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships will be held in 2019. The ladies’ downhill course will be used for the first time since the championships in 2007 and the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals will be the premiere for the ”new” men’s downhill. The finals will be a good taste of what’s to come in 2019 and a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Åre and ski racing when they are at its best.


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This is where you find the results for all events during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals in March 2018. 

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Course Information

All events at the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals, 14-18 March 2018, will be held at the Swedish Alpine National Arena, Årevägen 180, Åre, Sweden.
Descriptions of the courses can be found below.


Ladies’ Downhill

The last time that the ladies’ downhill course was used was during the 2007 World Championships and it will be relaunched in March 2018. It’s not the longest downhill course on the ladies’ tour but it is steep, technically demanding and unforgiving. The finals in 2018 will be the premiere for the new start, above Svartbergsravinen, facing the ravine. Please click here for the course profile: English or Swedish.

Men’s Downhill

When the men’s downhill in Åre was landscaped it was thought of as one of the most dangerous and spectacular courses in the world. Over time, it has been adjusted and become broader and “gentler”. However, for the finals in 2018 and the World Championships in 2019 the men’s downhill is being restored to former glory. The start has been moved up to Kabin berg which means the course is longer, and the features have been elevated to what they once were. Please click here for the course profile: English or Swedish.


Ladies’ Super G

The ladies’ super G begins in Bäckfallet and follows the downhill course, which means this is also a technically demanding and course, calling for great focus at high speeds and with some interesting course features. Click here for the course profile.  

Men’s super G

The men’s super G start is located above Bäckfallet and the course follows the same profile as the men’s downhill. It is a demanding course. After passing Bäckfallet the athletes pass into the “no fall zone” of Lillbranten where good balance and focus are crucial. Müller’s kant (Müller’s edge) gives you speed enough to fly over Olympiaplatån and so it continues. Click here for the course profile.  

Alpine Team Event

The alpine team event has become a greatly appreciated event. It is a modern gladiator tournament, where the team comes before the “I”. The start of the Team Event will be located just above the Downhill finish jump. The spectators will be able to follow the heats from start to finish without losing sight of the athletes.


Ladies’ giant slalom

The ladies’ giant slalom course runs in the renowned Gästrappet. During the winter this slope is popular with visitors and has an interesting course profile. Click here for the course profile.

Men’s giant slalom

The men’s giant slalom course starts in the same location as the alpine team event course, above Stövelbranten and continues in the Störtloppet slope. The slope profile offers twists and turns around every corner. Click here for the course profile.

Ladies’ slalom

The ladies’ slalom cup will certainly be one of the most interesting events of the finals in 2018. The course starts at 186 meters, just below Årevägen, and continues in Gästrappet. Click here for the course profile.

Men’s slalom

The men’s slalom course starts at 219 meters and follows the same route as the ladies’ slalom course. The men’s slalom event will be the final one of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals in 2018. Click here for the course profile.

Photos by Gösta Fries