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In March 2018 Åre will host the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. March is the best season of the year when the sun is out, the temperatures start rising again and springtime is just around the corner. The World Cup Finals in Åre will be the prequel to the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in 2019 so make sure not to miss the opportunity to watch world class racing up close and get a feel of the Championship vibe!

Book your accommodation as soon as possible along with your entrance tickets. Find out more how to book accommodation and the best ways to travel to and from Åre for the Finals in 2018 below.


Information for visitors

There are several ways to find accommodation in and around Åre during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals. A large number of hotels, apartments and hostels are located in close proximity to the arena and in the village. To find your accommodation, visit the website

Please note that this website offers different alternatives for your accommodation but you have to click on the links to get to the respective providers. At this point booking for 2019 is not available. More information about when the respective providers open for booking will follow.

Ticket and accommodation packages are also available at a number of hotels in Åre. Go to Tickets in our main menu to find out more. 

Information for house owners

The Åre 2019 organization is looking for spacious housing options such as houses or apartments in the area between Såå and Staa, as well as reasonably priced housing outside of this geographical area.

If you own a house, cottage or an apartment in Åredalen and wish to rent it out in February 2019, please contact
Jenny Lang at or +46 70-311 22 92.

Information for media and volunteers

Volunteers looking for accommodation for the 2018 finals are asked to contact us at More information on accommodation will be available at ”Media” and ”Volunteers” (which you can find in our website’s main menu). 


By Train

Taking the train to Åre is a comfortable and sustainable way of traveling. Several companies operate to Åre from Sundsvall, Östersund or Trondheim but you can book your trip via the Swedish State train company SJ.

By Air

Åre/Östersund Airport
Åre/Östersund Airport is the airport closest to Åre. The airport is located 11 kilometers from Östersund City center and 86 kilometers from Åre. Go to the Swedavia website to find more information on non-stop destinations, departures, arrivals and more. The Swedavia website also provides you with several options for connecting to and from Åre.

Trondheim Airport/Vaernes (Norway)
Trondheim Airport or Vaernes is located 135 kilometers from Åre. Estimated driving time by car is approximately 2 hours. Go to the Avinor website where you can find more information on luggage, departures, non-stop destinations and more.


By Bus

For regular traffic options, go to to book your trip. More information on booking your bus travel will be available shortly.

By Car

Highway E14 runs through Åre and takes you via Östersund to your destination. The E14 begins in Trondheim and ends in Sundsvall.

The closest way to get from Stockholm to Åre is via E4, via Bollnäs (route 84 and 296), to E45 and after that E14. The fastest connection from Stockholm is via E4 to Sundsvall and connect from there to E14.

Highway E45 runs all the way from Gela, Sicily, to Karesuando in the north of Sweden. It passes in the inland of Sweden to Östersund via Mora and connects to E14 in Östersund or via Svenstavik to road 321 that later connects to E14. The E45 is used by a lot of heavy traffic and, while it’s a more scenic route than E14, it might not be the fastest option.

Please note that parking space is limited during the event and that parking in the central village will be hard to come by unless parking is included in your accommodation.

Legacy and Sustainability

Since the beginning of the project, we at Åre 2019 have been focused on delivering positive legacies and making sustainable choices in all our planning and preparations.

Our vision to Inspire the World to Ski has been the driving force behind our main investment decisions. The new Arena House and the slopes both in the Swedish Alpine National Arena and in Duved are examples of our work towards achieving that vision.

Arena House

The Arena House extension to the existing finish area building will be one of the key legacies of Åre 2019. It will provide substantial high quality space for the annual FIS Ski World Cup events in Åre post-2019. The new building will also enable the Swedish Ski Association to set up a new research and development facility, including a gym reserved for elite athletes. This center will play a key role in the National Team’s future activities, at least until the next FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Åre.

Improved training facilities

Other investments made together with resort operator Skistar in the National Arena and in Duved have further strengthened Åre’s position as the leading training venue in Sweden. Enhancements including improved snow-making, new safety installations and additional flood-lighting enable an even longer training season and safer conditions for ski clubs and school programs from all around the country to train in Åre.

The most sustainable FIS Alpine World Ski Championships ever

One of the four objectives of Åre 2019 is to stage the championships with great respect for the environment. Indeed, our sustainability strategy goes beyond the environmental dimension and includes social and economic sustainability considerations as well.

As a rule of thumb, we are great believers in making various daily choices that are more sustainable than any conventional solutions, rather than trying to reach for 100% radical solutions that require massive behavioral change and never materialize.

Our sustainability goals:

  • To set a new benchmark in sustainable winter sports event management, including being certified to the ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events in good time before February 2019
  • To increase awareness of sustainability issues among all Åre 2019 stakeholders from the ski family to the local community, the government and partners and sponsors
  • To leave a significant legacy for FIS, the sport of ski racing and winter sports in general in terms of working tools and best practice examples

Read our sustainability policy here.


Åre 2019 Sustainability Priorities


Long-term sustainability of infrastructure and operations through smart temporary solutions, efficient energy and water management, connection to district heating whenever possible, use of renewable energy for heating and power.


Sustainable resource use through smart procurement, waste minimization and 3R (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle).
View our Code of Conduct for Business Partners here.


Sustainable mobility solutions as priority for all transport during the event


Focus on the health and development of both workforce (read our Green office policy here) and community through provision of healthy options, incorporation of local youngsters and students into Åre 2019 activities, highlighting the regional uniqueness through events and ceremonies.


Carbon neutral FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, including pre- and post-event calculations together with Quantis and Luleå University and local offset solutions.

Our Sustainability Commitments

  • Fossil-Fuel Free World Championships
    A pledge made together with the County Government of Jämtland and the 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships in Östersund. Read more here.
  • 70% Journeys with Sustainable Transport
    Creative ticket packages and priority for public transport and renewable energy solutions through partnerships
  • At Least 50% of Waste Recycled, Reused or Recovered
    Focused solutions in cooperation with Municipality of Åre and Håll Sverige Rent
  • 50% Purchases Using Sustainable Sourcing Criteria
    The five questions before every purchase (see here)
  • 50% of Sustainable Food and Beverage
    In partnership with the Federation of Swedish Farmers and local industry




Where can I buy my tickets?
You can buy tickets via our website. Go to to buy the ticket of your choice. The tickets are available from October 27, 2017.

Where can I buy and find more information about tickets?
Tickets to the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals in March 2018 are available from October 27th 2017. Go to Tickets on our website for more information and to purchase your tickets. If you have questions related to tickets to the Åre 2019 events, contact us at

When and where does the event take place?
The Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals begin on 14 March 2018 and end on the 18th, at the Swedish Alpine National Arena in Åre, Sweden.

Travel & Stay

How do I book my accommodation?
Go to to read more about accommodation and transport in our Travel & Stay section.

How do I to get to Åre?
There are many different options when it comes to traveling to and from Åre. The train takes you all the way to the heart of town and the train station is located only one kilometer from the arena. Åre/Östersund Airport is the closest airport, one hour’s drive from Åre. E14 is the European standard road that goes from Sundsvall in the East, all the way through Åre. Read more about how to get to and from Åre under Travel & Stay:

Will I be able to go to Åre by car?
As parking is scarce close to the arena and because Åre 2019 work for a sustainable future, we recommend, if possible, that you use the public transportation system.Trains and buses will traffic the routes between Östersund and Åre and Trondheim and Åre. Read more about the public transportation system in Travel & Stay, which you can find under Information in our main menu.

When do I need to book my accommodation and travel?
Make sure to book in good time before the event. Åre is a popular ski resort that attract many visitors, especially during bigger events. Book your flight or train ticket at least three months ahead and your accommodation as soon as possible.

Will it be possible to go to Åre during one day only?
Yes! There are plenty of options when it comes to travel to and from Åre for the day. For more information on traveling, go to Travel & Stay under Information in our main menu. We will also provide entrance ticket options that allows one day attendance.

Where are the nearest airports?
Åre/Östersund airport is the closest airport, located about one hour’s drive from Åre. Vaernes, or Trondheim airport, is located about two hour’s drive from Åre. Go to the Swedavia website for more information on departures and arrivals at Åre/Östersund airport and go to the Avinor website for information about Trondheim Airport.

The Competitions

How far away is the arena from the train station?
The distance from Åre Train Station, which is located in the center of the village, to the arena is 1,3 kilometers.

Where do I check the weather?
For daily updates on the weather conditions, go to and/or

What could cause a race to be cancelled or postponed?
Ski racing is an outdoor sport and as such the weather is always a factor. Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean races will be postponed or cancelled. However, hard wind, too much snow, fog, snow storms or lack of snow could be reasons to cancel or postpone. Keep yourself updated on any situation that might occur by following our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@are2019) and the FIS Live app.

Can I bring my children?
You should definitely bring your children! Just remember that the situation at the grand stand might not be ideal for your smallest children as it will be crowded and loud. We recommend a baby carrier and ear protection for the younger children. Please note that strollers cannot be brought on to the grandstand.

When should I be at the arena before the race?
We recommend you be at the arena in good time before the race starts, especially if you don’t have a pre-paid ticket. We recommend you be on site at least one hour before the official start time.

Where can I find the results?
Results from all events can be found under Competitions/Results, which is available in our main menu. All results will also be available in the FIS-Ski app and on the FIS-Ski website.


Do volunteers get clothes?
Yes, but it depends on how much you are working. For the World Championship you have to be working at least one week to get clothes.

How much do I have to work?
We need as much help as we can get and the working hours can be long, but we don’t expect you to work yourself to death. To get clothes the minimum time is one week of work and with that you get to experience the event close up. Accommodation will only be available during the period of time you are working as a volunteer.

How do I register as a volunteer?
Go to the volunteer page and click  ”Register Now”. You will need to create an account to be able to fill out the volunteer registration form. If you have questions, please contact us at

When do I get a confirmation on my volunteer registration?
Our volunteer registration form closes at the end of December 2017. You will get a confirmation some time before the end of January 2018.

I’m not from Sweden, can I be a volunteer?
Yes, of course – all are welcome to apply and knowing more than one language as a volunteer is beneficial. It is also beneficial if you have your own accommodation in or around Åre. Navigate to our volunteer page and register your application.

Will the volunteers get training?
Yes, all volunteers will go through a general hosting education and get specific training for the tasks they will perform. Much of the training will be done online. You will get more information about training when you have received your confirmation.

Do volunteers get accommodation?
Yes, you will have accommodation during the period you are working at the event.

Where can I merchandise for Åre 2019?
Merchandise will be available in 2018. More information will follow in our social media channels and on our website.


Will Åre 2019 be fossil fuel free?
In 2017 the Åre 2019 organization made a pledge together with the County Government of Jämtland and the 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships in Östersund to do our very best to reduce the use of fossil fuel in connection to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Our priorities consist out of, among other things, to have a carbon neutral FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and provide sustainable mobility solutions for our events. Read more about our objectives in our Sustainability section under Information which can be found in our main menu.

What happens to waste during the events?
Our aim is that at least 50 percent of the waste produced at the event will be recycled, reused or recovered. With our partners Åre Municipality and Håll Sverige Rent we hope to achieve at least that. Read more about our objectives in our Sustainability section under Information which can be found in our main menu.

What can I do to contribute?
If possible, use the public transportation system which includes trains and buses. If you need to go by car, try to fill it with as many people as possible. Maybe there’s a car pool group on Facebook you can join? Or car pool with your neighbors and friends. It’s not only a more sustainable way of traveling, it is also a social and fun one! Take care of your waste. There will be waste sorting bins in and around the arena and if you can’t find one, please keep your items until you do.


How many journalists will be at the Åre 2019 event?
We estimate that around 1500 media representatives will be on site for the event.

Which TV broadcasting company holds the rights for the Åre 2019 events?
The broadcasting rights is owned by Infront. For more information on what this entails, go to Media which you can find in our main menu.

Where will all the journalists be working during the events?
The media center will be located on the first floor of the Arena House at Årevägen 180, close to the finish area. The media center offers working spaces for all who needs it, power connections, wifi, food and for those who need it, connection via cable. Volunteers will be on site to help.


I want to ski during the event, can I?
Yes! Only some parts of the ski system will be affected by the event. More information will be available on our website and our social media channels during the event. Information signs will also be placed where needed in the ski system.

What should I wear?
The weather in Åre can change in a heartbeat. The sun might be shining in the morning but just hours later Åreskutan might be embedded in a blizzard. Therefore, prepare for all eventualities and dress in layers. Shoes or boots? We really recommend you choose the latter. And also, don’t forget your flags, face paint and cow bells!

Where can I find the latest information about the Åre 2019 events?
Our websites are continuously updated with information about the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships and the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals. Go to for the championships and to for the finals. Information will also be available on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information about the athletes and the FIS Ski World Cup, go to


The arena

The Swedish National Arena is located at Årevägen 180 in Åre. All the competitions during the Audi FIS World Cup in Åre will be held here, within walking distance of the village center (just over a kilometer). 

The Village 

The heart of the village is vibrant and filled with shops, restaurants, bars, eateries and more. The Square is located only a five-minute walk from the train station. There is plenty to do if you don’t feel like skiing, so go to the Åre Destination website for more information on activities, restaurants and more. 

Åre Health Center

Åre Health Center is well-equipped and has both GPs and specialists. It’s located in the old hospital, 2.1 kilometers from the village center. More information is available on their website. 

Ski System

The ski system is easily accessible from the village center, as well as other places around Åre. From the square, you can access the ski system via Bergbanan and the cable car is just a few minutes’ walk away. For maps and more information about the ski system and Åre please visit the Skistar website. 

Some parts of the ski system will be affected by the Audi FIS Ski World Cup finals, but a great deal will be unaffected so you can ski on much it during the event. More information about access to the ski system will be available on our website. Signage will also be placed on the hill where needed.