Welcome to the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2018

We will be available to help you throughout the Finals, as well as before and after, providing the services you require. This webpage has information about the races, about Åre as host organizer, and detailed information about the services that will be available on site. The page is updated continually, but if you have any questions you are welcome to contact us via email or phone. We hope that you will enjoy your time in Åre.



Press photos free of charge will be available here as soon as possible after final run each competition day

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Press conference

The Swedish Ski Team will host a press conference at Hotel Granen on Thursday, 15 March, at 17.30 CET. For specific questions regarding the Swedish athletes, please contact erik.danielsson@skidor.com.

All other press conferences related to the event will be in the Media Center. We host the press conferences for today’s winner and the globe winner in each discipline in both gender.


Ulrika Svensson

Ulrika Svensson


+46 70 681 20 05


Karin Stolt Halvarsson

Karin Stolt Halvarsson

Media and Broadcasting Director

+46 76 828 20 07

Nisse Schmidt

Nisse Schmidt

Photo Coordinator

+46 70-367 0777


Rules and regulations

Infront Italy holds the world wide multimedia rights to this event. International Television and radio networks, production and internet companies need to send the accreditation requests directly to Infront Italy for approval. This means that using any kind of filming device is strictly forbidden to non-rights holders. Please click the link below to read and sign the agreement. You find the contact information for Infront below.

Please contact

TV & Media Rights 
Infront Italy S.p.A.
Via Deruta 20 20132 Milano, Italy
Phone + 39. 02. 77 11 21
Fax   + 39. 02. 28 900 439

Roberta Lumina roberta.lumina@infrontsports.com
Doris Lintner doris.lintner@infrontsports.com

Kindly notice that all Internet companies’ representatives need to read and fill out the dedicated form before receiving their personal accreditation.

Media guides:

Download Infront Video-Audio Footage Policy  »
Download Infront policy Agreement »



Applications for accreditation will be made online, where photographer and press ID will be required for an application to be approved. Click the link below, fill out the form and submit your request. Please note that you need to create an account to submit the application (language selection is available at the bottom of the webpage).


General Information

Media Center

The Media Center is located in the Arena House at the Swedish Alpine National Arena. All the services you need to work are provided here, including Wi-Fi and power, snacks and drinks, as well as a restaurant for the media. Internet access via cable will be available if needed.


There are plenty of hotels and other forms of housing available in Åre but make sure you book on time. If you need assistance or more information about booking your accommodation, please contact Jenny Lang at jenny.lang@are2019.com.

Photo Coordinator

Photo Coordinator Nisse Schmidt is responsible for organizing and providing information to photographers on site. Maps of where photography is permitted will be available well in advance of the races. The Photo Coordinator will call photo meetings at which the relevant accreditation will be handed out, as well as armbands required for slope photography. Time and place for photo meetings to be announced. 

Photo Service

During the races, photo service will be available in the bottom floor of the arena house, which is furthest down in the competition area. Information about opening hours will be available on this page. 


Useful links

Stay updated on the Alpine Skiing World Cup on www.fis-ski.com
For more information about Åre and the resort, go to the Åre 2019 website.
For more information about activities and landmarks in Åre, go to the Åre Destination website.



Arena and Course Information


The Swedish Alpine National Arena is located at Årevägen 180, Åre, about 1.3 kilometers from the city center. All events during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup final are held at the venue and all services will be available on site.
The arena underwent some substantial renovations before the 2007 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The arena house and a new grand stand were built and the finish area was improved. In 2016 and 2017 an extension was added to the arena house and some improvements have been made to the race courses.
The ladies’ downhill course has not been in use since the championships in 2007 and the changes that have been made will now be tested for the first time. The angle of the start has been changed and is now facing the ravine to the West which gives a much steeper start.

The men's downhill was once one of the toughest in the world. Over time, it has become broader and less aggressive and the sports organization at Åre 2019 wants to change it. The start has been moved to the top of the mountain and some of the "old" features in the downhill course have been restored.
More information about the available services at the arena will be available here shortly.

Course Information

All events at the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals will be held at the Swedish Alpine National Arena. To find descriptions of the courses, go to Competitions in our main menu where you can find course information and course profiles.



Travel & Stay

For information on how and where to book your accommodation, go to Information - Travel & Stay in our main menu.

By train

Several different companies traffic the rails to Åre from Sundsvall, Östersund or Trondheim and more or less directly from a number of other Swedish and Norwegian towns and cities. Whatever the company, journeys can be booked via SJ’s website.

By plane

Åre/Östersund Airport

Åre/Östersund Airport is the closest airport to Åre, 11 kilometers from central Östersund and 86 kilometers from Åre. Visit Swedavia’s website for more information about which destinations fly to the airport, departures and arrivals, etc. The website also has a number of options for transport between the airport and Åre.

Trondheim Airport/Vaernes (Norge)

Trondheim Airport, or Vaernes as it is also called, is 135 kilometers from Åre. The estimated driving time from Åre is two hours.

Visit Avinor’s website for more information about baggage, arrivals and departures, destinations, etc.

By coach

For timetabled traffic, please visit www.ltr.se to book your trip. 

More information about how to book coach journey will be available here soon.

By car

The E14 goes through Åre and Östersund. The E14 starts in Trondheim and ends in Sundsvall, it links up with the E4 and E45.

The shortest route from Stockholm to Åre is E4 via Bollnäs (roads 84 and 296), to the E45 and then the E14. The fastest route from Stockholm is the E4 via Sundsvall, where the E4 links up with the E14. 

The E45 runs from Gela on Sicily to Karesuando in northern Sweden. It runs through the Swedish inland to Östersund via Mora, linking up with the E14 in Östersund, or via Svenstavik to road 321 and then on the E14. The E45 is trafficked by some heavy vehicles and, even though it is the most scenic option, there may be delays. 

More information will be available here soon.